Satellite Meeting to the 12th International Symposium of SPDM

-   Elisa Leão Teles (CH São João, Portugal)
09h30 - Symposium Opening - Welcome
09h40 - Current landscape on MPS - Susanne Kircher (Medical University of Vienna, Austria)
09h50 - Growing with MPS: from neonate to late adolescence - Gregory Pastores (Children's University Hospital Ireland)
10h20 - Puberty, fertility & pregnancy - Susanne Kircher (Medical University of Vienna, Austria)
10h40 - Break
11h10 - Paediatric to Adullthood: the transition - Patrício Aguiar (Hospital Santa Maria. Portugal)

11h30 - Living as an adult with MPS - Anna Tylki-Szymanska (Children's Memorial Health Institute, Poland)
11h50 - Long-term ERT on MPS emerging adults - Ursula Plöechinger (Charité Universitätsmedizin, Germany)
12h10 - The Portuguese experience and future perspectives - Paula Garcia (Hospital Pediátrico de Coimbra, Portugal)
12h30 - Discussion panel and Close out remarks

13h00 - Symposium Closing

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Speaker's affiliation:
Dr. Elisa Leão Teles - Paediatric, CHSJ / Hospital de São João, Porto, Portugal
Prof. Dr. Susanne Gerit Kircher - Medicinal Chemist, Center of Pathobiochemistry and Genetics, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Prof. Dr. Gregory Pastores - Paediatric and Geneticist, Children's University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Patrício Aguiar - Internist, CHLN/Hospital Santa Maria, Lisbon, Portugal
Prof. Dr. Anna Tylki-Szymanska - Paediatric, The Chikdren's Memorial Health Institute, Warsaw, Poland
Prof. Dr. Ursula Plöckinger - Insternist, Interdisciplinary Metabolism Center of the Medical Department, Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Paula Garcia - Paediatric, CHUC / Hospital Pediátrico de Coimbra, Portugual